3rd Team

The University of Bristol Men’s 3rd Football team compete in the BUCS Western 2a league and the Western Conference Cup.

Player Manager

Ryane Tully

‘My personal philosophy is to create an atmosphere where fluid attacking football thrives and blossoms. Im not a believer of ‘fixed positions’. In fact, I’ve drawn inspiration from a plethora of sources including the great Cruyff. I have no respect for teams who implement long ball football or use strength instead of flair to win games. I love Alice’.

League Fixtures and Results

Exeter 2s vs Bristol 3s, 09/10/19. 2 – 2

Bristol 3s vs Bristol 2s, 16/10/19. 3 – 1

Gloucestershire 1s vs Bristol 3s, 30/10/19. 1 – 2

Southampton Solent 1s vs Bristol 3s, 13/11/19. 3 – 3

Bristol 3s vs Bournemouth 2s, 27/11/19. 4 – 2

Bristol 3s vs Exeter 2s, 15:00, Almondsbury 3G, 04/12/19. 2 – 1

Bristol 2s vs Bristol 3s, POSTPONED.

Bristol 3s vs Gloucestershire 1s, 05/02/20. 1 – 1

Bristol 3s vs Southampton Solent 1s, TBD, 19/02/20.

Bournemouth 2s vs Bristol 3s, 14:00, Bournemouth University Sports Complex, 04/03/20.

Western 2a League Table

Team PWDLPts
1Gloucester 1s742114
2Bristol 3s733112
3Bristol 2s740312
4Exeter 2s832311
5Southampton Solent 1s82157
6Bournemouth 2s72056

Western Cup Fixtures and Results

Round 1: Southampton 3s vs Bristol 3s, 23/10/19. 1 – 3

Round 2: Southampton Solent 1s vs Bristol 3s, 06/11/19. 2 – 0

Visit the BUCS website to view table, fixtures and results for Bristol Men’s 3s.