Matchday 1

Our first proper matchday of the new season saw Warwick 1s and 2s travel down to the 3G at Almondsbury to take on our corresponding teams. The 3s and 4s then played out a highly competitive in-house game to conclude a full day of games. It is so good to be back.

Result: Bristol 1s 0 – 2 Warwick 1s

A team of fresh faces, painted nails and outright talent took on Warwick 1s this Wednesday at Almondsbury. Despite a 2-0 loss, there were elements of what is to come with impressive performances from McCormack, O’Neill and Baleanu. Chances were indefinitely spurned and it was evident that this Bristol team hadn’t quite gelled given a number of formation changes. Undone by 2 set pieces (cheers Pooler) and skipper Anderson getting lamped, it certainly was not our finest performance. However, the flair is apparent. Tyers should not have a problem moulding this team into one capable of rock n’ roll football.

Man of the Match: Cian McCormack

Report by James Anderson (1s Captain)

Result: Bristol 2s 3-0 Warwick 2s

After a long spell out of action, the 2’s were finally back in action yesterday. Things got off to a bit shaky start, with Warwick dominating the opening ten minutes, however we grew into the game with every passing minute. The back four set the tone with some firm challenges which got the boys going. A small reshuffle in the midfield, going man to man, further nullified the opposition. We also began beating their high press, balls into George JP and Adam Blades helped us progress up the pitch. Half-time 0-0, the opposition has been figured out, now it was just a question of whether we could get a result. The energy was brilliant, all eleven getting stuck in as soon as the whistle went – not a single challenge was shied away from. Nik Muller and JP were giving their fullbacks nightmares, tucking in slightly to receive the ball. A goal was coming, I could feel it.

Chisholm had been up and down the right-hand side all game and his hard work was finally rewarded when a mis-hit cross left the keeper scrambling but to no avail as the ball nestled in the top corner (there’s no chance he meant it). The first goal gave us the confidence to really start moving the ball round, two touches max and working the ball from side to side with purpose waiting for the holes to open, which they inevitably did.

The second of the game came from a corner, the ball has landed at Blades’ feet and with no hesitation he’s hit the back of the net. 2-0 up and in full control. The one wobble of the game arrived when Will Straw found himself left one-on-one in the box. He’s slid in and the ball has come straight off his outstretched arm. The referee hasn’t seen it somehow but we’d definitely earned our luck.

The third goal was the best of the bunch, Robbie Matthews (who was brilliant off the bench) hangs one up back post. The ball loops elegantly across the box, I was stood there praying that the delivery would be met with the sort of finish that kind of cross deserves, and I wasn’t disappointed. Adam Blades leaps into the air, emerging from a crowded penalty area, and hangs in the air for what felt like 30 seconds, heading the ball powerfully into the bottom corner.

Even better was the final play of the game which summed up our performance. A Warwick midfielder breaks with the ball after a corner only to be chased down by the impressive Solly Tomlin-Kent and then Niko Godby comes flying in and clears everything out: ball, man and Solly. Unreal. A superb shift all around from the boys, a stellar performance and result, what a way to get things going.

Man of the match: Ben Chisholm

Report by Aidan Nylander (2s Captain)

Result: Bristol 3s 1 – 1 Bristol 4s

Here is the version of events by 3s captain Luke Coleman…

Wednesday saw the 3s play a tough in-house game against the 4s and the boys were looking forward to finally getting some minutes on the pitch.

The first half was hard-fought and very end to end, but with few chances going forward. Wenzi Ngcobo was denied a goal after a great run down the left, cutting inside and hitting it towards the top bins, only for it to be excellently saved by the fresher in the 4s net.

The second half was problematic for the 3s, a few sloppy passes and a lot of headlosses led to a feeling of being overrun in midfield. Some poor man-marking led to us conceding from a volley inside the box and we looked to bounce back a reply. Unfortunately, this reply didn’t come until the final kick of the match with Newman floating forward into the box to guide home a nice volley on his weaker foot.

All credit to the 4s today who controlled much of the game, we will look to try and improve in the next game.

Man of the Match: Henry Newman

And now 4s captain Dylan Bull’s take on proceedings…

On Wednesday, the long-anticipated wait for a competitive game finally came to an end and what better way than a 3s vs 4s grudge match. The 4s from the off proved to be a dominant force, our aggressive attitude combined with our relentless pressing saw us cause all sorts of problems for the 3s defensive back line. A close free-kick effort from DB as well as a missed sitter for James Hill were the closest attempts in the first half from us. Let’s not forget our debutant between the sticks, Jack Dennehy, who after a nervy start took the game in his stride, pulling off some fantastic saves in the first half, helping the 4s keep the belief that it was their game for the taking.

In the second half, yet again, the defence played with the perfect balance of composure and belligerence, with Joe Holland commanding the backline with immense authority. It was both Fouad’s and Paisley’s unwavering chemistry in the midfield that saw us retain the ball in the latter stages of the second half, of which lead to Paisley playing a darting ball out wide to DB, who drove with the ball, cut in and found the overlapping run of Toby-Spencer Pickup who took the ball in his stride and played a mouth-watering cross into the 6 yard box, where James Hill was there to tap it in and put us 1-0 up with around 15 mins to go: due reward for the hard-working effort put in by the whole team. Unfortunately like all grudge matches go, there was late drama as the 4s grabbed a late equaliser. Special mention must go to Stanley Waldron, our MOTM for today, who was asked to play out of position in RB and did so in style with great determination, winning almost every 50/50 that came his way as well as distributing the ball from the back with a great degree of collectedness.

A great first performance for the 4s and if we have started as we mean to go on, we should be in for a successful season.

Man of the Match: Stanley Waldron

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