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BUCS Match Day 8

First Team

Result: 2-1 loss vs Bath 2s.

Next week: No game.

Will Gale (1s Captain)

Second Team

Result: 5-7 Loss vs Exeter 2s Home.

Next week: Gloucester 1s Home.

Adam Blades (2s Captain)

Third Team

Result: 4-2 Win vs Bournemouth 2s.

‘Right so where do i start with this one, we have hosted the titans of Bournemouth at the fortress of Combe Dingle pitch 2, in a match that attracted spectators from across the country, namely Barnaby Arnold’s Mum and Dad from Shrewsbury. After a bad patch of form we knew we needed to stop the rot, Bournemouth 2s have come off the back off 4 straight losses so we knew we were in for a challenge. 2 minutes in Guiseppe’s raucous chanting has got them rattled. Tully wanting to show the world he has more to his locker than the famous Pin&Roll™️, collects the ball at the edge of the box, drops his shoulder quicker than it takes Barney to drop a pinger on the weekend which puts him through on goal ready to rifle it in to the bottom corner. After that the Bristol 3’s pile on pressure but take their foot off the gas and we concede in the last kick of the game for a deflected shot after a mistake puts them through. In the second half Cian gets warned that any more chat to the ref will mean he gets a 10 minute sin bin. Needless to say, 5 minutes later he tells the ref “he’s got no idea what he’s doing” and we are down to ten men. A structural reshuffle to a 4-4-1 meant that we didn’t concede for those troubling times. A quick change up where we’ve moved goalscorer Beirne from RW to ST and Rory cornellius (ex 1s Captain for Leicester that has somehow been playing 5s). And no other than NIAL BEIRNE HAS STEPPED UP TO SCORE THE GOAL THAT PUTS US AHEAD, I shed a tear for Niall who has finally scored his first goal since the end of February. The Titans of Bournemouth looked dejected, and that’s when the baby faced George JP strikes, a nutmeg through the keepers legs sealed the deal’.

Next week: Exeter 2s Home.

Ryane Tulley (3s Captain)

Fourth Team

Result: 1-8 Loss vs Cardiff Met 4s.

Next week: Cardiff Met 3s Home.

Sean Sage and Louie Hemmings (4s Captain)

Fifth Team

Result: Game rescheduled.

Next week: USW 3s Home.

Giuseppe Lombardelli (5s Captain)

Sixth Team

Result: Game rescheduled.

Next week: Cardiff 6s Home.

Will Straw (6s Captain)

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