Young Goat Ltd

Young Goat is a clothing company founded by a group of friends at Bristol University with a real desire to improve mental health in the UK, especially amongst young people. As a group, one of our main aims is to raise awareness about the importance of good mental health while encouraging its betterment through our clothing and the brand’s ideals.

UBAFC is the best thing I’ve ever been a part of and I know I don’t just speak for myself when I say that.

Arthur Leventhorpe

Although the six of us involved in the company were in three different academic years, with degrees ranging from Modern Languages to Civil Engineering, we were all members of the University of Bristol Football Club (UBAFC). Each of us met during training and while representing the club on Wednesday matches and our shared love of football meant we quickly became good friends.

UBAFC has been there for me whenever I’ve needed it, the club will forever play a significant role in my life.

Vincent Onuegbu

While playing for the club, the acronym ‘GOAT’, meaning ‘Greatest of All Time’, had become very popular and many club members adopted it as standard vernacular. It was an incredibly supportive environment to be involved in, as your own self-confidence was regularly bolstered by statements that you were the ‘GOAT’ after a good performance in training or even doing well in an essay off the pitch. The ability to reciprocate this was even better as we could see first hand what these little boosts could do to some of the younger members, who were perhaps slightly shy when joining the club.

UBAFC simply put is the goat establishment and it means absolutely everything to me.

Al Harlington

It is from this acronym that we derive our brand name. However, we at Young Goat do not believe that the term should be solely reserved for celebrities or sporting superstars. We seek to re-purpose it in order to promote self-esteem and confidence, to embolden the wearers of our clothing and to empower people in to believing that anyone can be and feel like the GOAT in their own right.

My time at Bristol Uni has been shaped by UBAFC and the memories made will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Aaron Farr

Since our incorporation, we have formed partnerships with both Second Step and Off The Record, two Bristol-based mental health charities. Like us, both charities focus on positivity so as to instil feelings of self-belief and confidence.

UBAFC was the focal point of my whole university experience and provided me with memories that are impossible to forget.

Jack Haire

We have seen first hand from our sales how proud people are to wear the logo as a statement of their own self-belief. We want to be known as a clothing brand that makes a difference and genuinely believe inspires confidence, improves mental health and is conscious of its environmental impact in an era of fast fashion.

UBAFC played a huge role in my life at Bristol, providing friendships and memories that will remain long after I left.

Reuben Seager